Justin Hermann


In addition to his work as an independent consultant, Justin has partnered alongside industry-leading corporations such as IBM, Target, and General Electric. Justin began his corporate IT career at IBM as an intern support engineer and progressed quickly to a sales engineer role, assisting Fortune 500 clients with their data analytics strategies. During his time at IBM, Justin received formal training in technology sales, project management, support, and consulting.

At smartIT, Justin utilizes his deep technical IT expertise and digital knowledge as a technical account manager, consultant, and support engineer – both on-site and remote – to identify the best technologies for each client, regardless of their industry.

Jonathan Goldszmidt

Partner, Sr. IT Consultant

Since childhood, Jonathan had always been the technology expert of his family. While in college, Jonathan co-founded Teel Consulting, an IT consulting firm serving small- and medium-sized businesses, and Project Nexus, a web technologies firm. During his time working at IBM as a field sales engineer for several Fortune 500 companies, Jonathan has amassed a wealth of knowledge on how to architect innovative technology solutions that contribute to bottom lines and achieve business goals.

Jonathan received formal training in technology sales, support, and software development during his time at IBM. At smartIT, Jonathan brings his passion for technology as well as a strong background in consulting. Jonathan serves clients as a technical account manager, on-site/remote support engineer, and consultant.

Marjorie Donaldson

Partner, Help Desk Manager

A client-focused leader with extensive experience in financial services and IT consulting, Marjorie assists clients in resolving IT problems, achieving strategic growth, and implementing innovative technological solutions that truly transform businesses. With a proven track record of customer satisfaction, Marjorie has provided client-focused solutions to over 1,000 businesses across the New York metro area across a wide range of industries.

In her time as a client executive at IBM, Marjorie successfully managed a $180 billion territory of Fortune 500 clients in the fields of technology, electronics, distribution, advertising, and more. At IBM, Marjorie also led an extended cross-brand team of over 35 internal and external partners to identify valuable new sales opportunities across the areas of hardware, software, and services. At smartIT, Marjorie brings her tech savvy and business mindset to each and every client interaction.

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