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By: Justin Hermann Senior Technology Consultant, Managing Partner 1. Your company is currently having daily or weekly problems with your technology. Chances are you are either calling your IT guy/girl for break-fix help with your computers, or one of your employees is wearing the “technology hat.” While this is a temporary Band-Aid, it is not helping the productivity of your business and can be impacting your business financially. A great solution to solving the break-fix problems is to choose a technology partner who can provide proactive and managed solutions for your business. The reality is that your team does not have the time to deal with technology issues. Being preventative can be particularly beneficial. 2. Your company does not have backups of any of your business data! Running your business without backups can be extremely dangerous! If most of your business data sits on your business’s devices, what do you do if there’s a fire, flood, or theft and your business loses all physical and computer data? What happens if an employee loses a computer? What happens if your business gets a virus and all your data is deleted or lost from the computer? Planning the proper business continuity into your operations is invaluable. Recovery services are extremely expensive and once data is lost, it is very hard to get it back. At smartIT, we can help you build out a disaster recovery plan that fits the needs and scale of your business. 3. You may not have a digital platform to run your business Having an online platform and presence is extremely important for your business. In 2020, it is literally a necessity for ANY business to have an online presence. You should be able to build a following with your customers and connect with them through social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Fostering a digital connection with your customers will be beneficial to your sales and to your brand, increasing brand awareness and loyalty with each customer you make a connection with.  It also helps your business remain relevant in this digital world. Your customers want to interact with your business digitally. Customers expect to receive invoices digitally, have virtual meetings, and ensure that your company is organized when dealing with your team. 4. Your company has no overall technology strategy in place. Great businesses deserve great technology. Our advisors and consultants at smartIT can understand your business objectives and provide consultative advice on how technology can get you to the finish line. We have the expertise to help improve the technology that runs your business and, as a result, make a positive impact on your sales and operations. Interested in having a free consultation with one of our advisors? Let us know here to see how we can help your company get smart with your IT! Contact Us
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