At smartIT, we’re built from a team of biz tech experts that understand the needs of your organization. We’ll take our business-first approach to IT to recommend the office productivity software that will be most beneficial to your employees and workflows.

Your software library is one of your most valuable resources as a business or nonprofit. Incorporating new software capabilities can give you a significant advantage over your competition, in addition to driving your day-to-day operations. We’ll provide comprehensive support for all assets to ensure they’re running at peak performance.

Never have to worry about finding and updating expired licenses – we’ll take care of that for you. Protect your organization and your clients with regular license tracking and updates to ensure full compliance.

Rely on smartIT’s extensive industry knowledge for cloud services customized to your exact industry needs for guaranteed compliance with regulatory and security requirements. No matter how big or small your company is, we’ll support you in all your cloud computing needs, from application hosting to virtual desktop infrastructure.

  • Paperless and Document Management Solutions
  • Video/phone conferencing software
  • Cloud-based phone systems
  • Internal business communication software
  • SSO
  • File sharing software
  • Office 365