By  Marjorie Donaldson

By Marjorie Donaldson

Co-Founder and Technology Consultant at smartIT

Unstoppable Together: SmartIT and the Power of Resilience
In August 2021, Hurricane Ida tore through the eastern United States, unleashing destruction on communities and businesses alike. Among those hardest hit was a New York-based nonprofit dedicated to empowering immigrant and low-income families. This organization, pivotal in its community for providing essential resources and advocacy, faced a significant threat to its operations due to severe flooding. However, the spirit of resilience and a commitment to continuity ensured that their mission could carry on.

Our Unwavering Commitment
smartIT has always stood by its commitment to support organizations in maximizing their operational potential through technology. When disaster struck, we knew that the survival of this nonprofit’s operations was crucial not just for the organization, but for the entire community relying on their services. The flooding posed a serious risk, but our resolve to maintain their operations was even stronger.

Swift Action by SmartIT
Prior to the hurricane, smartIT had already helped the organization strengthen its IT infrastructure by migrating operations to the cloud and upgrading their communication systems. This foresight into creating a resilient and agile IT setup proved invaluable in the face of the crisis. As the floodwaters rose, it became imperative to act swiftly to mitigate interruptions to the nonprofit’s critical services.

With the area still reeling from the hurricane’s impacts, our dedicated team members, Jonathan and Marjorie, led an urgent deployment of technology solutions. From the back of a truck, they provisioned, configured, and deployed computers, establishing a mobile command center that became the nonprofit’s new operational hub. This wasn’t merely a deployment of technology; it was a crucial lifeline for the nonprofit to continue its vital work.

Continued Service Against All Odds
Thanks to our proactive planning and the tireless efforts of our deployment team, the nonprofit experienced no downtime. They could access all their essential systems via the cloud and their operations continued without interruption. Equipped with new Lenovo laptops and a fully operational cloud-based phone system, the staff was able to perform their invaluable work, overcoming daunting challenges that the disaster presented.

A Testament to Partnership
This scenario underscored the crucial importance of digital readiness and the profound impact of having a reliable technology partner. At smartIT, our philosophy extends beyond merely providing services. We empower our clients to face future challenges with confidence, knowing that their IT infrastructure can withstand any test.

Join Our Community of Resilience
We invite nonprofits, businesses, schools, and other organizations to join us in ensuring that no challenge is too great to overcome. Allow smartIT to be your guide in navigating the complexities of IT infrastructure, enabling you to focus solely on your mission.

At smartIT, we are not just about technology; we are about forging partnerships that build a resilient future. Together, we are unstoppable.

Ready to enhance your organization's resilience against disasters? Partner with smartIT and ensure your operations are unstoppable, no matter the challenge. Contact us today to fortify your future!

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