Position Your Business for Success Through Proactive Security Solutions

In the digital age of today, technology is rapidly evolving – and so are the many digital threats against vulnerable companies and their customers. smartIT keeps up with these changes so you don’t have to.

By taking a layered approach to security that protects you from infections, detects the earliest warning signs of compromise, and safeguards your most valuable data, your company 

  • Prevents downtime and disruption
  • Improve business and system productive
  • Increase overall profitability

Our multi-layer cyber security action plan will help your business identify gaps in your digital security so our experts can begin implementing the protective measures right for you.

Cyber criminals are a very real and very dangerous threat. Don’t be held hostage. In addition to blocking ransomware attacks before they happen, smartIT maintains backups to ensure your data is recoverable when you need it most.

From running system scans and installing updates to actively responding to alerts as they happen, smartIT handles antivirus deployment and management for you. We’ll also work to make sure your network is protected around the clock by monitoring and optimizing firewall configurations to keep malicious traffic away from your most sensitive data.

Let the smartIT team of experts be your trusted eyes and ears. We leverage deep visibility into every aspect of your network to respond to potential disruptions and suspicious activity before they have a chance to cause damage. Stay proactive and stay protected so you can focus on other core business operations.

Phishing emails are one of the most common types of attacks used by cyber criminals. Protect your business and your employees by relying on consistent and reliable email and web filtering support, completely managed by the smartIT team.

Enjoy the efficiency and reliability of our state-of-the-art patching process – gain peace of mind through automatic patches for your operating system and third-party software during non-peak hours.

Backups are key to ensuring you have recovery options available for your data – and that of your clients. Rely on the smartIT team to maintain backups of historical internal and client data so you have access when you need it most.

As a business, your clients are your top priority – we get that at smartIT. It’s critical to protect your business against digital threats that can put client information and other sensitive internal data at risk.

By scheduling a consultation with the tech experts at smartIT, businesses gain access to industry-leading cyber security support and solutions that protect your business and clients against dangerous online attacks. Our team will also work with you to make sure your company meets all necessary compliance requirements. We’ve got you covered.

Protect your business and your clients by investing in IT technologies designed for you.